John A. Balistreri


    John attended the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 1975. He then traveled America, Canada and Mexico studying art, creating art, visiting art museums and galleries. Freelancing and selling his art during the following years he had the opportunity to work many types of art related jobs. They ranged from creating; drawing and filming animated commercials to painting cast models of frogs for the Milwaukee Public Museum's Rain Forest exhibit and everything in-between. Enrolling back into school in 1980 John graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 1984 from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. While at the MIAD John majored in painting and minored in drawing, printmaking and sculpture. Enrolling in a Post Baccalaureate program at Cardinal Stritch University John received a Wisconsin art-teaching license in 2004 that certifies him to teach Pre-Kindergarten through High School. John has been working as a professional artist for over thirty years, and has owned and operated fine art galleries since 1987. Throughout John's fine art career he has been creating, exhibiting and selling his art to the general public, institutions, non-profit agencies, corporations and art collectors around the world. John lectures on a variety of art topics at local high schools and universities. John is currently teaching at Messmer High School located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. John has honed his skills communicating in visual terms and narrowed his subject matter to just a few areas of interest and importance. “There are three major types of subject matter that I focus my artistic talents on. First I enjoy creating plein-air oil paintings depicting rural and wild landscapes along with making prints, drawings and sculpture that I exhibit and sell from my art gallery in Door County Wisconsin. I work in a wide variety of mediums, in order to capture and convey the beauty and poetry found in our natural world. Secondly I create studio works using both traditional and computer-based technologies that incorporate people that are near and dear to me. Lastly and most importantly I create art that is based on my Catholic beliefs. It is my deepest desire to honor and glorify God through this work and to spread the Good News. I try in my work to move or touch people in a way that the viewer transcends and contemplates the importance of the message and image I am creating”. For years now John has been creating sculpture for corporations, which range from large out-door fabricated as well as cast, to small-scale art that is stamped or cast as well. As a professional artist John's main goal is to continue to grow artistically, spiritually and mentally, in order to have the sensitivity needed to communicate effectively and successfully in visual terms his thoughts, feelings and concepts.

John invites you to visit his web-sites listed above just click on the links. If you have any questions or comments please e-mail.